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Our experienced and friendly cleaning specialists will give you the freedom to spend your time the way you want to. Take your kids to a movie, drop in on an old friend, organize the family photos all while knowing your home will be organized, cleaned and disinfected.

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The Difference

There used to be a gap in the residential cleaning industry along the Wasatch Front. The companies that were well organized, insured and professional charged upwards of $35 to $45 an hour. Then there are the individuals who clearly are not insured and have little to no experience.

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  • Pick! Picky! Picky! Stainless Housekeeping only hires the best. We pay above average, reimburse fuel, provide paid time off and the majority of our clients tip their cleaners. We administer background checks, random drug tests, train constantly and have a very strict privacy policy. The longer we are in business, the more we hear of how other cleaning companies treat their employees and we refuse to ever adopt any of these practices. Give us a call today, and when you meet our employees, you will see the difference happy employees make.

  • To clean up our industry and any negative impressions people may have.

    To give families the freedom to enjoy their lives and spend time together.

    To create value and make a difference.

    To be a great place to work and inspire employees to be the best.

Simple and Clean

Time. Difference. Value. Consistency. Guarantee. Flexibility.


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